Town of Epping

The Town of Epping is located in Southeast New Hampshire, nestled off Route 101 mid-way between the Town of Hampton and City of Manchester.  Within the County of Rockingham, Epping was incorporated in 1741 and is named after Epping Forest in England.  The population has grown to over 7,000 residents.


Epping has a Selectmen form of government, consisting of a five-member Board and a Town Administrator.  Epping is fondly known by its' longtime residents as "The Center of the Universe." The origin of this slogan is speculative, but some believe it is due to the town's central location on the seacoast and close proximity to the North Country, Boston and other desirable locations.  More recently Epping has become known as "The Crossroads to New Hampshire" due to the busy commuting Routes of 101 and 125 which intersect on the South side of  town.    

State highways that run through Epping are Route 125, Route 101, Route 27, Route 87 and Route 155.  Epping has a total area of over 26 square miles, bordering the Towns of Raymond, Fremont, Brentwood, Exeter, Newfields, Newmarket, Lee and Nottingham.

The Town of Epping has its' own school district, SAU 14, which encompasses grades K-12.