About the Epping Police Department

The Epping Police Department is a proactive, community oriented police department.  We are a dedicated agency consisting of fourteen full-time police officers, four part-time police officers, a full-time administrative assistant, a prosecuting attorney, and a part-time animal control officer.  Officers are on patrol 24-hours a day.

The rank structure of the police department starts with the Chief of Police, who serves as the department head and answers directly to the Epping Board of Selectmen.  The Captain, who occupies the second level of supervision, is the department's executive officer.  The Captain oversees the day-to-day operations of the department and answers directly to the Chief of Police.  The two Sergeants supervise the Patrol and Detective divisions.  The two detectives are charged with investigating serious and complex crimes. Patrol Officers, who are the backbone of the police department, conduct routine patrols, answer emergency and non-emergency calls, enforce motor vehicle laws, investigate crimes, and are the first line of contact with the community.  

As part of our community outreach programs we are involved in several initiatives such as D.A.R.E., Police Exploring, Epping Youth Coalition and Epping Seniors Group.  We are also active with the Epping schools, local athletic programs and college internships.